Headaches, Jaw Pain -Can Your Dentist Help In Park City, Utah

Do you suffer from frequent headaches, earaches, facial or jaw pain? Do you feel you have exhausted every avenue to find the cause, or better yet,  a cure? The answer may lie with your Cosmetic Dentist. Dr. Abraham, with Park City Dental Spa utilizes a computerized bite analysis called Tekscan (T-scan), dentistry’s only digital occlusal… Read More »

Park City Dental Spa Giving Back To Our Military!

Park City Dental Spa (PCDS) and Orthodontic Specialists will host their annual Halloween Candy Buyback program-where kids work hard to trick-or-treat, then sell their candy back to our dental office(s). The Park City High School will again aid in collecting candy from the local schools. Once all of the candy has been collected, we box… Read More »

Park City Dental Spa Wins Best of State!

Best of State is comprised of business and community leaders who are committed to supporting and recognizing excellence, achievement, and community service through the Best of State Awards Program. The judging process is one of the most important dimensions of Best of State. The process is designed to make judging as impartial and objective as… Read More »


Dr.James Abraham and the Park City Dental team are Running With Ed. This is Ed’s 6th annual relay on May 16, 2015. It is a 38-mile, 10 leg relay race that traverses spectacular Park City, Utah. Running with Ed is Park City’s favorite fundraiser with ALL proceeds going to the local schools and school grant… Read More »


Caffeine is a natural and legal psychoactive drug that stimulates your brain and behavior. The effects depend on the personality of the user, on the immediate environment, and even the time of day. Caffeine comes in many forms but the effects are all the same. When you consume caffeine, the drug begins its effects by… Read More »


Teeth grinding is clinically referred to as Bruxism. This is the act of consciously or unconsciously clenching/grinding your teeth, especially at night while you are sleeping. Bruxism could disrupt your sleep as well as your companions. For all intensive purposes, almost everybody clenches his or her teeth. The problem lies in the intensity at which… Read More »

Park City Dental Spa promotes Oral Cancer Screenings

April is Oral Cancer Awareness month, and people should start realizing the importance of having a  painless Oral Cancer Screening. Oral cancer death rate is considerably higher than the death rate for all other types of cancers such as cervical cancer, thyroid cancer, skin cancer or cancer of the larynx. Why is this so? Mainly because… Read More »