Headaches, Jaw Pain -Can Your Dentist Help In Park City, Utah

Do you suffer from frequent headaches, earaches, facial or jaw pain? Do you feel you have exhausted every avenue to find the cause, or better yet,  a cure? The answer may lie with your Cosmetic Dentist. Dr. Abraham, with Park City Dental Spa utilizes a computerized bite analysis called Tekscan (T-scan), dentistry’s only digital occlusal analysis system. The T-scan provides dynamic occlusal measurements, revealing the level and timing of force on individual teeth and the occlusal stability of the overall bite.

So how does the T-scan help with headaches? The bite analysis registers the forces on the teeth, if certain teeth are taking the brunt force,  not only are the teeth at risk to fail, this malalignment interferes with the bite sequence. Dr. Abraham makes micromillimeter adjustments on the teeth, until the bite forces are more aligned. Thus, giving his patients relief from myofacial pain, headaches, earaches, and can prolong the life of your cosmetic work.

Dr. Abraham has earned his fellowship with the Center for Neural  Occlusion making him one of 16 dentist leading the way in T-scan bite analysis.

Call today to have your T-scan bite analysis. It could just be the “cure”you have been looking for.

Dr. James Abraham


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