Park City Dental Spa promotes Oral Cancer Screenings

April is Oral Cancer Awareness month, and people should start realizing the importance of having a  painless Oral Cancer Screening.

Oral cancer death rate is considerably higher than the death rate for all other types of cancers such as cervical cancer, thyroid cancer, skin cancer or cancer of the larynx. Why is this so?

Mainly because in the greatest majority of the cases, patients are diagnosed in a late stage of the disease, when there is almost nothing doctors can do about it.

The main problem is that oral cancer can go on for years rather asymptomatically. This means that the patient does not see or feel any aggravated symptoms, but if he/she would go for a special oral cancer screening, the doctor may find signs of the cancer invading the system.

When the cancer is discovered in a late stage, it has sadly already invaded the lymph nodes in the neck. At this stage, the prognosis is extremely pessimistic, because cancer is already within the organism, attacking important organs.

When oral cancer is discovered in its early stage, it is basically localized in the intra oral area (within the mouth only). Doctors can do much more in the way of the healing of the patient, if the cancer is diagnosed early, before it attacks internal organs.

Your dentist is the one who can often notice if there are any suspect changes in the mouth tissue, which might be indicators of malign cancerous disease.

Generally, people are advised to ask for an oral cancer screening if they notice that there is a small ulcer existent in the mouth (similar to canker sore), which does not heal after 2 weeks. Plus, the American Academy of Dentistry recommends an oral screening at least 2 times a year.

Dr. Abraham  has advanced technology devices, which can help him diagnose oral cancer in its extremely early stages. Screenings done do not protect your from cancer, but he will inform you on what to look for and how to be your own advocate against oral cancer.

Make an appointment for oral cancer screening today- it can save your life.

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