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Creating a biomimetic approach for your smile takes mastery and artistry. Dr Abraham, takes the time to evaluate your needs thru dynamic interaction by recognizing the need for special personal attention in order to capture the natural beauty and personalities of their guest. They believe cosmetic dentistry is right for anyone who desires an improved quality of life and a brighter smile, better oral health or improved self-esteem.

Comprehensive Evaluation

The first step in designing your unique smile is a comprehensive evaluation. Dr Abraham will perform a clinical examination that will take special consideration of the health of your teeth, gums, mouth, jaw joints and muscles. He is carefully looking for signs of decay, stress or instability. He is also considering your facial appearance, including symmetry of features, size of your lips and mouth, plus, skin tone and texture to create a biomimetic result.

Treatment Planning

The Treatment Plan is a crucial step in creating your unique smile. Dr Abraham will create digital representations of the proposed changes. Again, any modifications or aesthetic preferences can be easily adjusted on your model before any actual changes have been made to your teeth. This stage allows for a complete understanding and approval of your unique smile.

Preparation and Prototype

Once the planning is complete, Dr Abraham, and you will have agreed on the treatment course. Dr Abraham will prepare the teeth and mouth for the restoration and create provisionals which will begin to replicate the anticipated results. Dr Abraham is careful to take the most conservative approach in preparing your teeth, and will take molds and prepare a prototype, which is a tooth-colored version of the final restoration.This prototype will be evaluated by you and Dr Abraham to make sure your final restoration is a perfect match for your unique smile.

Your Smile Transformation

The final restorations will be manufactured by your own Master Ceramist, who has applied his artistic talents and your exact specifications in order to transcend your smile into a smile that is uniquely you. Because of this comprehensive smile design process, the application of the final restoration is not a guess, but a predictable result that feels comfortable, looks natural, and functions optimally.

Your Timeline

The timeline for your smile design will vary, depending on your needs and goals. The process can be as quick as 10 days for minor changes and functional concerns to a few weeks if you need intensive treatment. This timeline will be discussed during your treatment planning stage. Your smile design process always begins with you in mind and Dr Abraham will go beyond the bounds of clinical circumstances to empower your smile. Having a beautiful smile is important to most people, and Dr Abraham has provided you a space where your goals are attainable. He creates a professional elegance in the world of dentistry, set in the majestic mountains of Park City, Utah. Call today for your free consultation!

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