Headaches, Jaw Pain -Can Your Dentist Help In Park City, Utah

Do you suffer from frequent headaches, earaches, facial or jaw pain? Do you feel you have exhausted every avenue to find the cause, or better yet,  a cure? The answer may lie with your Cosmetic Dentist. Dr. Abraham, with Park City Dental Spa utilizes a computerized bite analysis called Tekscan (T-scan), dentistry’s only digital occlusal analysis system. The T-scan provides dynamic occlusal measurements, revealing the level and timing of force on individual teeth and the occlusal stability of the overall bite.

So how does the T-scan help with headaches? The bite analysis registers the forces on the teeth, if certain teeth are taking the brunt force,  not only are the teeth at risk to fail, this malalignment interferes with the bite sequence. Dr. Abraham makes micromillimeter adjustments on the teeth, until the bite forces are more aligned. Thus, giving his patients relief from myofacial pain, headaches, earaches, and can prolong the life of your cosmetic work.

Dr. Abraham has earned his fellowship with the Center for Neural  Occlusion making him one of 16 dentist leading the way in T-scan bite analysis.

Call today to have your T-scan bite analysis. It could just be the “cure”you have been looking for.

Dr. James Abraham


Park City Dental Spa Giving Back To Our Military!

Park City Dental Spa (PCDS) and Orthodontic Specialists will host their annual Halloween Candy Buyback program-where kids work hard to trick-or-treat, then sell their candy back to our dental office(s). The Park City High School will again aid in collecting candy from the local schools. Once all of the candy has been collected, we box it up and send it to our troops overseas, via Operation Gratitude. It’s a great way to show our appreciation to the men and women serving overseas often in harms way.

This year, PCDS and Orthodontic Specialists would like to implement their Get A Dollar-Give A Dollar campaign in support of the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP). We will be asking those who are selling their candy for $1 a pound to give back at least $1 to be donated to WWP. PCDS and Orthodontic Specialists will then match all the money donated back to them. This money will be sent to the WWP, which serves as aide to our physically and/or mentally injured military service members and their families. It is estimated that 1 in 5 American Soldiers are coming home from war zones with traumatic brain injuries, many of which require round-the-clock attention. These warriors and their families need our help! We as a nation can never do enough for our veterans.
We hope to see you after Halloween with your candy and your generosity for the WWP.

Park City Dental Spa Wins Best of State!

Best of State is comprised of business and community leaders who are committed to supporting and recognizing excellence, achievement, and community service through the Best of State Awards Program. The judging process is one of the most important dimensions of Best of State. The process is designed to make judging as impartial and objective as possible. Judges review the nominations online and evaluate submitted materials, and assign three separate scores to each nominee. There are a total of 100 points possible for each nominee. The points are weighted to reflect three specific judging criteria- Excellence, Innovation/Creativity, and Contributions to Quality of Life in Utah.
The judges are selected based on their expertise and credibility in their particular fields and are required to use integrity and objectivity during the judging process.

Dr. Abraham is dedicated to making his patients feel relaxed and comfortable. He entertains the idea that each person is not only unique in their personality, but in their smile too. The one -size fits all has never been his philosophy- he believes in creating smiles that are unique to you and your needs. This philosophy, along with the countless hours of continuing education, creative thinking, community service and establishing a unique relaxing spa environment at Park City Dental Spa, has helped Dr. Abraham win two “Best of Park City” awards and now the 2015 “Best of State”
award. He also attributes much of his success to working along side a highly trained and personable staff, and feels fortunate to be in the “Best Town” in America.


Dr.James Abraham and the Park City Dental team are Running With Ed. This is Ed’s 6th annual relay on May 16, 2015. It is a 38-mile, 10 leg relay race that traverses spectacular Park City, Utah. Running with Ed is Park City’s favorite fundraiser with ALL proceeds going to the local schools and school grant programs. This year Ed has funded over $200,000 in school grants.
The Park City Dental Spa team not only has a great time participating in the relay we love the fact that we can contribute to such a great cause.. Our children’s education, after all “The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away form you.” B.B. King

If you are looking for a team to sponsor, go to Runningwithed.com and donate to Park City Dental Spa’s team. We are not fast, in fact, we came in second to last last year. So we may not be the team to bet on, but we are certainly entertaining. Come out and see this years costumes and cheer us on, we need the encouragement!

See you at the finish line-

Park City Dental Spa promotes Oral Cancer Screenings

April is Oral Cancer Awareness month, and people should start realizing the importance of having a  painless Oral Cancer Screening.

Oral cancer death rate is considerably higher than the death rate for all other types of cancers such as cervical cancer, thyroid cancer, skin cancer or cancer of the larynx. Why is this so?

Mainly because in the greatest majority of the cases, patients are diagnosed in a late stage of the disease, when there is almost nothing doctors can do about it.

The main problem is that oral cancer can go on for years rather asymptomatically. This means that the patient does not see or feel any aggravated symptoms, but if he/she would go for a special oral cancer screening, the doctor may find signs of the cancer invading the system.

When the cancer is discovered in a late stage, it has sadly already invaded the lymph nodes in the neck. At this stage, the prognosis is extremely pessimistic, because cancer is already within the organism, attacking important organs.

When oral cancer is discovered in its early stage, it is basically localized in the intra oral area (within the mouth only). Doctors can do much more in the way of the healing of the patient, if the cancer is diagnosed early, before it attacks internal organs.

Your dentist is the one who can often notice if there are any suspect changes in the mouth tissue, which might be indicators of malign cancerous disease.

Generally, people are advised to ask for an oral cancer screening if they notice that there is a small ulcer existent in the mouth (similar to canker sore), which does not heal after 2 weeks. Plus, the American Academy of Dentistry recommends an oral screening at least 2 times a year.

Dr. Abraham  has advanced technology devices, which can help him diagnose oral cancer in its extremely early stages. Screenings done do not protect your from cancer, but he will inform you on what to look for and how to be your own advocate against oral cancer.

Make an appointment for oral cancer screening today- it can save your life.



Caffeine is a natural and legal psychoactive drug that stimulates your brain and behavior. The effects depend on the personality of the user, on the immediate environment, and even the time of day.

Caffeine comes in many forms but the effects are all the same. When you consume caffeine, the drug begins its effects by initiating uncontrolled neuron firing in your brain. This excess neuron firing triggers your pituitary gland to release adrenaline. Adrenaline is responsible for our “Fight or Flight” response. This response is primarily used to escape immediate dangers and is thus useless while you’re just sitting at your desk. When this adrenal high wears off later, you feel the drop in terms of fatigue, irritability, headache and confusion.

At this point you may reach for another “hit” of caffeine, constantly keeping your body in a “Fight or Flight” mode. By constantly keeping your body on alert you become depleted of adrenaline. This is characterized by fatigue, anxiety, mood swings, sleep disturbance, irritability, decreased tolerance to stress and depression.

Caffeine acts as a temporary stimulant that offers a physical and mental energy boost. Too much, however, can have ever lasting effects on your teeth and jaw.

Caffeine is a muscle contracture drug and can make your muscles tighter. It also causes you to subconsciously clench your jaw, leading to TMJ pain, temporal headaches and masseter muscle soreness. This clenching can also lead to fractures of the teeth, nerve damage, hot and cold sensitivity, gum recession and bone loss around the tooth. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, consult your dentist. He/she can help you manage your symptoms and help educate you on the cause and effects of caffeine and your teeth.

Instead of reaching for a cup of coffee in the morning, you can do your body a big favor by eating a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner. A healthy diet will keep you energetic all day.



Teeth grinding is clinically referred to as Bruxism. This is the act of consciously or unconsciously clenching/grinding your teeth, especially at night while you are sleeping. Bruxism could disrupt your sleep as well as your companions.

For all intensive purposes, almost everybody clenches his or her teeth. The problem lies in the intensity at which you clench. Severe bruxism can generate an incredible amount of force, causing damage to the teeth and surrounding muscles.

The cause of bruxism is not completely understood, however, it typically is related to stress and/or mal-alignment of the teeth. In any case, it is important that this health condition not be ignored.

The forces of bruxism have been known to cause:
• A wearing down of the teeth, making the teeth appear shorter and more flat. The teeth are also at a greater risk of being broken.
• Small fractures occur in the teeth and eventually cause the teeth to break. These teeth may require a root canal.
• Sensitivity is a common result of bruxism usually resulting in a soreness and/or cold sensitivity.
• Receding gums are the result of the tooth flexing, causing the gum to pull away from the tooth and exposing the root surface. This can cause sensitivity as well as, wearing away of the exposed root surface from brushing and continued bruxism.
• Sore Muscles can occur especially in the cheek and temple area when these two muscles are overused, as with grinding the teeth.
• TMJ problems are related to jaw joint pain and sore jaw muscles. In severe cases, the jaw joint may become overloaded and the resulting problem may lead to surgical intervention.

If you feel you suffer from bruxism early diagnosis of the problem will minimize long-term damage to the teeth and jaws. Currently, the most common treatment against bruxism is a custom-made mouth-guard that is worn during your sleep to prevent unconscious teeth grinding. Call Park City Dental Spa today 435-615-8500!